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Democracy must be made to work, it must not be watered down or subversively put aside. Democracy is the foundation stone of any society's progress; and in every respect, economic, morally, ethically, intellectually, spiritually. It is based on one man one vote, and whithin this democracy  the abilities and enterprise of one person, or group, can achieve progress to their potential and beyond.
The laws of this democracy, are know factors, and the inventiveness and enterprise allowed to flourish without fear of any regulations from outside, destroying progress or ambitions.
A secure democracy, gathers persons together, and creates wealth for the benefit of all. Wealth creation by one company, generates ideas for another, and the brains behind wealth creation are a national asset; thus if one big company is sold, it diminishes the sector.
Selling the London Stock Exchange would have been unparalleled lunacy.
But 'Wealth' is not confined to money, wealth in the quality of life…