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EU is in fact PU

EU is in fact PU.

The 'Economic Union' is not a trade agreement, it is political surrender into a Political Union; it is PU not EU. The negotiations have made it crystal clear that the EU believe they rule over us. At the last minute we can expect an 'if you remain offer', which Britain must refuse. The offer will be false, made only to ensure a second referendum that  will reverse the first. British people will then become European citizens, ruled by Brussels. Then, within a very short time, the changes made to secure this result, will be slowly reversed to bring us back to the same conditions as before the referendum; the whole thing will have been a farce.
Britain is in the maw of some great serpent, sucking out all traces of nationhood and pride.
The economics are not the argument, they are the 'Red Herring' to dupe Britain into surrendering its sovereignty.
If the landlord of pub A, agreed to spend £100 in pub B, and the landlord of pub B agreed to spend £…