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The Workforce; PAYE

The working people are the ones that will build this 'Better Britain, not only this, they represent well over 50% of the population,  and it is high time they were listened to; and their needs met.
We have learned many things from the referendum, one is that the workers in Germany take four days to do what workers in Britain do in five.
Britain needs to find out why this is, and put it right.
In economic terms, if we take five days to attain a GDP of £500 billion, and discover how to do this in four, then if we continue to work at the same rate for another day, we will produce another £125 billion.
This is simple maths, no Gordon Brown, George Osborne, or 'Spreadsheet' Phillip Hammond can deny this.
What they or any other politician will try and deny, is who this extra £125 billion belongs to, who should benefit from it?  The answer is obvious, it is the Workforce, the people whose hard work and better organisation will earn it, they must all benefit, and this is done by l…

High Speed Train

The High Speed Train, HS2, seems to be a wheeled improvement of existing trains, that will go a bit faster than an express, and to do that, it requires its own railway line.
Over fifty years ago, Japan had an operational 'Bullet train', it went a lot faster than any other train, it was quiet, comfortable, and always on time. I know this, I travelled in it.
Why don't we suspend HS2 and send half a dozen young engineers over to Japan, let them look at how this was done, and come back here to build a better one?
Building a better Britain needs to jump across conventional methods, use the best ideas; and not just with trains!
Lord Grit