The Workforce; PAYE

The working people are the ones that will build this 'Better Britain, not only this, they represent well over 50% of the population,  and it is high time they were listened to; and their needs met.
We have learned many things from the referendum, one is that the workers in Germany take four days to do what workers in Britain do in five.
Britain needs to find out why this is, and put it right.
In economic terms, if we take five days to attain a GDP of £500 billion, and discover how to do this in four, then if we continue to work at the same rate for another day, we will produce another £125 billion.
This is simple maths, no Gordon Brown, George Osborne, or 'Spreadsheet' Phillip Hammond can deny this.
What they or any other politician will try and deny, is who this extra £125 billion belongs to, who should benefit from it?  The answer is obvious, it is the Workforce, the people whose hard work and better organisation will earn it, they must all benefit, and this is done by lifting the tax threshold to  £2,000 above the minimum wage level. In this way, all 30 million or more working people, will get additional spending power of around £350- 450 a year. If this is not delivered, the only way to enforce it will be a general strike; the workforce must be given what is theirs.
Now free from the Brussels yoke, we will forge our own fairer society; one of honesty and responsibility, fuelled by ambitions, and driven by our courage to improve the quality of human existence, both for ourselves and the wider world.
This will cost the government nothing, nothing at all; in fact they might gain from it.
The extra eight hours of productive work, will be gained by various means, firstly by improving the commute services in London and our other great cities, More trains, less traffic congestion, bottleneck removed, accidents swiftly dealt with. Next will come directives from a new 'Business and Services Ethics' chief, who will tell the banks, communications, and other service industries to adequately staff their telephones, and the telephone queues will be a thing of the past; efficiency will rule, and customer service will be king.
As with learning of the 'Bullet train' in Japan  --see the blog on HS2, -so we will learn of 'Workforce' methods in Germany and elsewhere; and discard the 'British is Best' snobbery that excludes innovation and talent.
Old Etonians and other public school boys, do not necessarily know how to run a country; bullying, soddomy and snobbery produce no quality of  leadership; and most certainly the Houses of Parliament are not the 'old boys' debating society. MP's  are elected for the noble purpose of listening to our opinions and understanding our needs. This will restore the public trust that these issues will be sensibly resolved; leading to a continual improvement in the  quality of life for all British people.
Many big business and the wealthy avoid taxes, they keep money that is not theirs to keep, and such defaulters need to be vigorously pursued. At the same time the they do not pay what is due, taxes are automatically taken from those on PAYE, in many cases before their needs are met, and all  tolerance of lax collection in the past, is now  replaced by justified impatient anger,
If the Electricity boards - not known for their efficiency, - can estimate out usage; cannot the mighty brains of Westminster and the Treasury, estimate the profits of Amazon, Google, etc, and send them an estimated tax bill for 2016/2017??
Such measures will 'win over the dressing room' of the workforce, and motivate them to greater efforts. Two years after leaving the EU, we might find we now produce in 4 1/2 days what the Germans do in five! Wonderful news, especially to that great patriot, Lord Heseltine.
Lord Grit


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