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Lord Winston Grit
Lord Winston Grit
Building a better Britain is the hearts desire of Lord Winston Grit of Lantern County, Suffolk, Great Britain.

His Lordship has an unconditional love of the British people, and it is undiluted by the flaws of party politics, diversity of religious beliefs,  racial grouping, or country of origin..

His building of a better Britain, is based on the assumption that everyone who lives in the British Isles will support the definition of society as:- "The willing gathering together of like minded people for generally acceptable purposes".

Lord Grit's love for his 'Human Masters' embraces their essential need for debate before bringing about changes, and with benign good will, he hopes debates and discussions will be lively, forward looking, productive, and above all; brief.  These debates take place before the changes, not afterwards!

He insists that British politicians will scrupulously adhere to their 'Oath of Allegiance', and never vote for any act that diminishes or delegates our sovereign powers. He also assumes religions will confine their criticisms within the principles of God, 'Love thy neighbour, and all men are born equal in His eyes'.

Religions, the press, the media, businessmen, writers and the arts; have a higher duty, it is to build strength into the fabric of British society. His Lordship recalls that his original family motto was "Of the British, for the British", but on his elevation to the upper house, on the advice of the then Lancaster Herald, it became "Canis de Hominus Amicus Super Estis", man's best friend is his dog'. These blogs will prove that this is so.

The key words used as building blocks, are 'Honesty, Responsibility, Ambition, and Courage'. and with them in the mind of every citizen, we cannot fail to create a new society that will be the benchmark for all democracies.

The United Kingdom will not be insular and arrogant, it will be outward looking and compassionate, helping other nations to grow. Our economic success will bring back security and pride; and give us time to reflect on what are those "higher things than mere praise and reward". From a position of strength  we can spread our business acumen, politics and justice, social and artistic achievements, and encourage a worldwide belief in 'Honesty, Responsibility, Ambition, and Courage'.


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