Press Release:- Surrender

Press Release:- Surrender

I once worked in a Kuwait Bank, handling shipping documents. When the Sheikh's new Cadillac arrived, it was not held up in the port for the want of documents from the USA, confirming: a. Surrender of their fishing rights, b. Giving up border control, c.Agreement to minimum wage rates, d. A certificate regarding human rights, e, An agreement that Sharia Law was superior to their Supreme Court.
Furthermore, when the order was placed, the Sheikh was not asked to confirm he followed USA instructions on how to plant his palm trees or water his camels.
Business was business, the Sheikh paid his money, the USA delivered the goods.
Yet our House of Lords, who one might think have the combined intelligence equal to that of the Sheikh, act as agents for the EU and insist documents a - e are in place, with possibly f - z hidden away for later disclosure.
But in one respect the House of Lords is supreme; it has achieved the remote stupidity imagined by Dean Swift 350 years ago; they have actually become Lords of the floating island of Laputa, and take no notice whatever of the people below.
At the time of entry into the 'Common Market', had the British people known of clauses a - e, there is no way they would have accepted it.
But integration will continue,and within the regulations f - z, it is possible the British Passport will be replaced by one of EU citizenship, and they have already suggested a European defense force, big enough to deter, for example, Russia.
Political Union is the true objective of Brussels; it is being hidden by the incessant debate about money, a deliberate deceit of this nation.
How many British people want to swap British nationality for European nationality?
"People who give up their freedom for money, deserve to lose both"
Thomas Jefferson
Lord Grit has an unconditional love of his human masters, principally the British and especially the 0-5's


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